Collaborative Divorce Is Becoming A Popular Alternative

From The Republican In California this month, Roy Disney (of the Disney fortune) and his wife announced that they intend to dissolve their marriage using the collaborative law practice. This, most likely, will be all that the public hears in the media about the divorce until the Disneys' final judgment is entered in court some months from now. The reason for the silence is because collaborative divorce offers a couple privacy as well as the ability to control the timing and outcome of their divorce. It also allows them to control the process. Read More… Tango’s Take We liked this approach under its two other names, mediation and arbitration. This is a good move, particularly for people in the public eye. It is also useful for ‘private citizens’. By making the proceedings subject to mutual consent, they can avoid letting a single judge be the sole arbiter of their fate. So, if you happen to choose this route be sure to toss some of those frequent flier miles to John and Jeremy, your mediators.


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