Man Gets Married Minutes After Being Sentenced To Prison

From the Associated Press

BELLEVILLE, Ill. - With help from a judge, David Kite got five years in prison and a life partner.

After sentencing Kite on Wednesday to prison for stealing a lawnmower from a home, St. Clair County Circuit Judge John Baricevic obliged the 23-year-old man's request and married him to girlfriend Victoria Smith in the same courtroom.

The groom sported an orange jumpsuit, shackles and handcuffs during the five-minute civil ceremony; the bride had on a T-shirt and sweat pants.

Tango’s Take
‘Take away, take away, take away this ball and chain.’ So, he got a life sentence AND sent to jail, haha. The same judge that sentenced this guy also performed the marriage service. Maybe getting hitched will give this new husband-wife pair a sense of permanence that will allow their relationship to survive his five-year stint in the pokey. Maybe they heard only spouses are allowed for conjugal visits.

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