UK Marriage rates fall 10 per cent after shams are exposed

The Evening Standard

Marriage rates have slumped by ten per cent to their lowest since 1862 after a clampdown on sham unions that bypass immigration laws.

The number of marriages in England and Wales fell to 244,710 in 2005, down from 273,070 in 2004, raising concerns that up to one in ten unions in recent years could have been bogus.
Tango’s Take
Sham marriages are not that new. People get married for many reasons outside of the traditional reasons of “love” and “desire to start a family and spend the rest of their lives together.” People get married to save on taxes (if they have children), military personnel sometimes get married to increase their paycheck, people get married to please their family (or to spite them) and some people get married to mask homosexuality. So on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being fiendish and nefarious and 10 being romantic and pure as driven snow, getting married for immigration purposes has to fall somewhere in the 5 range. There has been a trend “on the continent” for people to delay marriage or forego it altogether. The trend has been drifting westward as evidenced by the study from a few months ago that indicated more than half of American women are not living with a spouse.