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Publishing: Harlequin and Nascar’s marketing romance

From The International Herald Tribune
By Charles McGrath

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida: After a year of courtship, Harlequin, the leading publisher of romance novels, has entered into not a marriage, exactly, but what a Harlequin heroine would call a meaningful relationship with Nascar, the stock-car racing association.

Tango’s Take
Bodice rippers and stock cars; Soccer moms and Nascar dads, unite. This is a brilliant move by these two organizations. As more real drivers are incorporated into the books, wives will finally have something to talk to their race-watching husbands about between the green and checkered flag. Nascar and Harlequin are bringing a little Wisteria Lane to Victory Lane. Check out Tango’s Harlequin collaboration.
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