Project Everlasting: The Chemistry of Life-Long Love


Project Everlasting: The Chemistry of Life-Long Love
Two young bachelors hit the road to discover our country's greatest loves.

TANGO: And how about the relationship takeaway?
Jason: I definitely learned acceptance. Before, dating, it was like, if a girl does something that gets on your nerves…

TANGO: Like a dealbreaker?
Jason: No, not even that big. Like, if she goes out too much, or reads the wrong magazines, it was like: That’s it. Mat: I never made it to a year. I’ve never celebrated an anniversary with someone. I mean, I always thought: If I don’t know a year in that I want to marry somebody, what’s the point? I think we all expect it to be the way it is the first two months, forever.


TANGO: And now?
Mat: I saw that no matter how beautiful these marriages were [forty of fifty years in], they’d all gotten dirty at some point. Going in, I thought, once your relationship gets dirty, there’s this stain on it. It can never be as great as it was at the beginning. But I learned that those stains make you love each other even more.

TANGO: That’s really neat. So, after all this talk of marriage, what’s your dating status?
Mat: We haven’t been dating! We’ve been swamped. We’re looking forward to getting back into the real world. [Editor’s note: The waiter brings the check, and Mat lunges for it.]

TANGO: Absolutely not. It’s on us.
Mat: Thanks. I was just trying to be a gentleman.

Tango liked Mat and Jason so much, we picked up the check, and still want to go out with them again! Look for more from the bachelors here at YourTango.

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