Three Guaranteed-to-Please Spas


Three Guaranteed-to-Please Spas
Women review spas geared for both sexes.

From manicures and pedicures to facials and massages, spa treatments (and the spas that house them) are often geared toward women. But what about couples? In an effort to create an experience that is equally rejuvenating for men, several destination spas have developed activities and menus (steaks at a spa? yes, please) that will guarantee a return visit—for both of you.

Phoenix, Arizona


I’m married to a man who not only played professional ice hockey in Europe, but who was also a brute defenseman leading his team in penalty minutes. So you can imagine his take on most spa treatments, especially ones that involve mud, seaweed, New Age music, or the word “detoxifying.” No thanks. But in honor of our second anniversary, I convinced Jim that we were in need of a getaway, so we headed for the Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms, a Mediterranean-style resort nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain near our home in Phoenix.

There, Jim was quick to adapt to the resort’s rugged, relaxed environment and agreed to try something other than his usual Swedish rubdown: the 90-minute Acqua Dolce Ritual for two. In a heated stone room, we lay on adjacent tables as showerheads dumped steamy water onto our bodies and therapists buffed us from head to toe. We were then left to enjoy an oversize bubble bath and two private outdoor showers before the therapists returned to give us light, moisturizing massages. Afterward, Jim called the treatment “sexy,” kept commenting on how great his skin felt, and noted that he felt energized—not sluggish, like he usually feels after a massage. I couldn’t help but agree.

The Acqua Dolce Ritual was the perfect primer for our romantic steak-and-lobster dinner at T. Cook’s, the resort’s exquisite restaurant, and an evening in our private casita, outfitted with a fireplace, scattered rose petals—and even a plate of chocolate truffles and cheeses. Here’s what I’ll remember for our next anniversary: A steamy bath for two is just the thing to make this hockey player melt.

-Laurel Naverson Geraghty

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