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Geek Chic at the Altar


A round-up of Star Wars, Star Trek and goth geeks getting hitched.

You wore Vera Wang—he wore Boba Fett? Or maybe he wore powder blue, and you were Seven of Nine. Either way, it seems there's a new trend in wedding attire, and it's anything but chaste and white. In fact, the cool kids at Wired have gathered a fantastic collection of geeks at the altar. And, as I seem to have stirred up a lot of unwitting controversy with my recent article Why Geeks Are The New Chic, I'm here to tell you about it. So that I can just say this: See, I know geeks have game. They get hitched. And they live happily ever after in dual-joystick households. Now I just have one question: If you say "I do" in Klingon, is it legally binding?


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