The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together


The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together
Work out as a couple. The couple that sweats together and stays together.


Couple #3: The Committed Commuters
Margaret and Dan Zwiren
Age: Mid 60s and 70s respectively
Location: Staten Island, NY


Margaret and Dan found inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle because of each other. In fact, they're so devoted to gym-going, they endure a 40-minute commute from Staten Island to Manhattan three times a week, both admitting that they probably wouldn’t do it without the other. "[Working out] really brings you closer together," says Dan, who convinced his wife to join the club years ago as a Mother’s Day gift. "I admire her progress; she’s really motivated to go," he adds.

YourTango's Take: Working out together is one routine that can actually make a relationship sexier, and you have nothing to lose but the love handles!

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