Will You Attend My Wedding? I’ll Totally Evite You!

Will You Attend My Wedding? I’ll Totally Evite You!

What happens when nuptials collide with the Net?

Check out a funny, interesting article by San Francisco Chronicle pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub on the state of the blessed union of souls in the shadow of the world wide web. Totally worth reading. I’ve included my favorite paragraph:

“But there's nothing right about a world where pop R&B star [Usher], who has to be worth at least $25 million, is registered at Crate & Barrel, and any random person can buy them a $7.95 whisk or a $12.95 ceramic soap pump.”

The article makes a case for the decaying, impersonal state of matrimony...but for real? Usher and wife registered at Crate & Barrel? I guess it just goes to show that we all need a good pair of salad tongs.

Read the full article here. (Again, you need to be registered to gain access, but it’s free!)


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