Word of the Day: Polyfidelity

Word of the Day: Polyfidelity

Straight from the cheaters' dictionary

Have you heard of ashleymadison.com? It’s one of several dating site for marrieds looking for an extramarital affair—but only with other marrieds. Its slogan is “When monogamy becomes monotony.” A slew of people must be pretty bored, as they have more than a million members. Anyway, I happened upon its glossary, loaded with words (and concepts) I had yet to hear. Maybe because I’m out of the loop. Or maybe because I’m not looking to add to my collection of husbands. (I have just a single husband to date. He must be lonely.)

Anyway, my favorite word in the glossary is “polyfidelity.” Definition: Closed relationship involving more than two people. The members of a group marriage, for example, may limit their sexual/romantic involvement to members of the group.

Huh. Does that mean there are three people to fight over who should clean the bathroom?


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