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Married Soldiers Now Allowed To Live Together In Iraq

Married couples deployed to Iraq are now allowed to bunk together. According to an article by, these couples (some on 15 month tours) are being allowed to live in clusters of trailers in Baghdad. This private space is being hailed by soldiers as a major blessing.

This is a smart move by the Defense Department. Though reenlistment rates are pretty good, this sort of family-focus will surely keep some troops in the service. We’re guessing that even this move was done with a bit of reticence. We’re not sure exactly how private this space is but we’re guessing that a few female soldiers may eventually be sent back stateside with new additions to the family gestating in their bellies. The Navy has historically bumped into this problem on ships with men and women serving side-by-side. There’s not much this side of chastity belts that the military can do to prevent it.

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