YourTango's Best of Sex 2007

By YourTango

Savor our 10 most sizzling, sexy stories of the year.

When it comes to pillow talk, don’t leave any position undiscovered. Check out YourTango’s favorite sex stories of 2007.

1. Bringing Fantasy to Your Sex Life
How imagination enhances our sex lives.

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2. How an Affair Saved My Marriage
In an unexpected twist, an affair brings a marriage back to life.

3. Keeping Your Married Life Red Hot
One therapist's secret to keeping the spark alive.

4. How Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?
In yoga, breath is sacred and your body is a temple.

5. Let's Talk About Sex
Think you know everything about the birds and the bees? Think again.

6. Can You Orgasm From Intercourse Alone?
It's the hot-button questions among friends close enough to ask?

7. True Love and Technology: A Look at What the Future Holds
From Webcam dates to sms-controlled sex toys, the future of love.

8. Passion in Print
YourTango's picks for some sweat-inducing classics.

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9. Appetite for Seduction
Men dish their recipes for love.

10. Setting the Terms for a Threesome
How to (really) manage a menage a trois.

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