Tango’s Top 10 Trends of 2007

By YourTango

The year’s best, most thought-provoking & eye-opening in love & relationships

You thought you knew, but you had no idea – ‘til Tango. Here are our most eye-opening stories of 2007, served up to enlighten you on relationships, sex, and the evolution of love.

1. True Love And Technology: A Look At What The Future Holds
From Webcam dates to sms-controlled sex toys, the future of love and tech.



2. Your Love Life on Drugs
Could drugs be dimming your natural love high?


3. Love at Work: The New Rules of the Office, Explained
Today’s Workplace is a “Romantic Petri Dish.”


4. Why Geeks are the New Chic
The guy you'd never consider dating could be the man of your dreams.


5. Finding Our Religion
The face of interfaith is changing fast, but the secrets to a successful dual-faith relationship remain the same.


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