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Geek Speak


The results are in! Why exactly geeks are the new chic

We’ve been getting loads of feedback on “Why Geeks Are the New Chic.” What exactly makes geeks the new chic? Here’s what you had to say in our most recent poll:

59% “Intellect. Stimulate my brain and the rest will follow.”

17% “It’s just a trend. Tomorrow, mailmen might be the new chic.”

17% “Muscle-bound is so overrated. Slight and sensitive is sexy, too.”

5% “Toby McGuire? Rainn Wilson? Hollywood hunks have all gone geek.”

Luckily, a large percentage of the Tango staff nabbed their own nerds—long before they were the new new.

Didn’t get a chance to weigh in on geek love? Do so here.


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