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MySpace To Feature ‘Rules Of The Game’ Videos

Neil Strauss, author of The Rules of the Game, is teaming up with MySpace to teach dudes how to pick up chicks. Strauss is the guy that has blown the lid off of The Game. And by The Game, we don’t mean the West Coast rapper that once feuded with 50 Cent. We mean the elusive world of pickup artists. Like that show on VH1 where the guy in the silly hat teaches dorks how to meet girls (The Pick-Up Artist).

Anyway, Strauss is unleashing David Faustino (Bud from Married With Children) and Parker Lewis himself Corin Nemec. The videos use Strauss’s techniques in real-life situations. A) Check out our Dish on the Scott Baio engagement, we have been clamoring for more Bud Bundy for a while now. B) Does anyone really think that Parker Lewis needs lessons on picking up chicks? He can’t friggin’ lose. We would be more impressed if he could help awkward guys (and backup dancers) meet attractive women (or pop stars).

Frank TJ Mackey from Magnolia could do it.

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