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"Good Divorce" Is Not an Oxymoron

"Good Divorce" Is Not an Oxymoron
Heartbreak, Love

Turns out, getting a divorce doesn't have to be a complete disaster

It just so happens that there is an amicable, sane way to see the other side of a divorce, says Jennifer Huget of "Getting divorced isn't anyone's idea of a good time. But doing it right can set the stage for a happier life for you, your ex and your kids. Here are tips from five divorce experts -- three men, two women, four of them divorced themselves (two of them twice) -- for getting through it."

Maybe Pam Anderson should have a look-see? She must be pretty versed the art of the break-up these days...Check out the full article at: "How Can I Get a Good Divorce?" (Note: you'll need a subscription to view. But it's free. So why not sign up?) 


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