Hopeful Scientist: Sex W/ Robots Likely

USA Today ran a review of a book called Love+Sex With Robots. The author, David Levy, guesses that it will only be a matter of time before people and bots start doing the deed. He gives countless examples of people falling in love with pets and inanimate objects. And he’s wagering that the materials, software, and robotics will be come sophisticated enough that it will be a similar experience to the real thing. As crazy as it sounds, he could sort of be on to something. They sell fun devices in the back of men’s magazines, Lars And The Real Girl reminded people about sex dolls, and we’re convinced that Sex And The City blew open the market for personal entertainment, handheld massagers. But who’s going to be the first one on their block to own one?

The thing we struggle with is the ready acceptance of android bed buddies. It seems like something that you would keep on the down low. Like if you enjoyed your dog licking you in certain places. Part of the premise of Blade Runner was that there were some jobs best suited for robots. Things that regular people wouldn’t feel so good about doing. Off hand, they included assassin, secretary, and sex worker.

We guess in this era of resurgent STDs that an alternative would probably be useful. And as long as this thing is properly cleaned, it’s probably relatively safe. Until the artificial intelligence goes a little wonky and rips your arm off while experiencing its first cyborgasm. That could be the moment that the machines turn on mankind.

If you think you’ve heard this before, you probably have. This David Levy did a bit of press in October about sex and marriage to robots by 2050. He thinks Massachusetts will be the first state to allow it. Somewhere (by 2050) Rick Santorum will be spinning in his grave, ‘well, maybe I can see an interpretation of the Bible in which a man could possibly get married to a female robot. But certainly not a man robot. That’ll lead to things like marriages between men and dog robots.’

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