Tango's Naughty Gift Guide

Tango's Naughty Gift Guide

Tango's Naughty Gift Guide


Time’s running out to find the perfect gift this holiday, but don’t be tempted to resort to the mundane. Whether it’s for the object of your affection, or a friend who’d appreciate something sassy and risqué – cold winds shouldn’t be the only reason to make them blush this season! Check out Tango’s top five that are sure to deliver.

1. Liptrick: A tiny, yet potent vibrator cleverly disguised as a tube of lipstick, this little wonder is perfect for her purse or glove compartment (so much more fun than music if you’re stuck in rush hour traffic). It’s the gift that – literally - keeps on giving. bootyparlor.com 

2. The Art of Sensual Massage:  Heat up those frosty nights and drop your beau a subtle hint with this book/DVD set that takes you every step of the way through a passionate full body massage. amazon.com

3. Men on a Mission 2008 Calendar: Forget fruitcake and gingerbread this year and grace a girlfriend with some serious eye candy. Mormons Exposed, an organization created to push past religious stereotypes released this calendar – 12 months of sexy do-gooders – for her viewing enjoyment.  mormonsexposed.com

4. Kama Sutra Weekender Kit: For a couple looking to get away this holiday, this kit promises to add a taste of forbidden luxury. Packed with miniature versions of the brand’s sweetest treats (Sweet Almond Massage Oil, edible body powder, etc.), it’s a travel-sized treat they won’t want to leave home without.  kamasutra.com

5. Virtual Naughty Gifts: Like it quick and dirty? Facebook’s new Naughty Gift application might be your perfect fix this season. Log in, get the app, and you’ll be sending a can of Mr. Whipped Cream to your long-distance honey in no time. Sweet!  facebook.com


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