Size Matters

Size Matters
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Got a guy to buy for? This store offers the ultimate service: live fit models

Is giving orders to a man clad only in his skivvies on your holiday wish list? You’re not alone. And French clothing store Celio is listening. The boutique handpicked 17 guys with a certain je ne sais quoi to act as fit models, who offer to try on items for women buying for their men and unsure of their size. The “Shoppenboys” range from small to XXL, and each proudly wears clearly-labeled caleçons (boxers) when on the job.

More than 1,000 men  applied for the coveted spots last year, despite the fact that the positions were unpaid. The ’boys now have a website ( featuring an online dance contest where hopefuls submit videos of their moves for viewers to grade. While the site is in French, some things transcend language, n’est-ce pas? 

This genius shopping service is, at press time, unavailable in the States. But should Banana Republic decide to import the idea, we’ll be first in line.

Check out the Shoppenboys' moves for yourself at 


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