French President Sarkozy Dating Ex-Model

The president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be dating Italian model Carla Bruni. The two were photographed together at Disneyland on Saturday with their children in tow. This comes only a couple months after Sarkozy’s split with his wife Cecilia. Clearly, if you are on a public date with children in tow, this thing has progressed to some degree. This is sort of the Hugh Grant in Love Actually moment when the curtain gets lifted at a children’s performance to reveal the prime minister sucking face with one of his aides. We have a few questions:
1) Is there really anything to compare to this in US politics? Fred Thompson’s wife is young and hot. But he was an actor. What would happen in the US if John Edwards were elected president, broke up with his wife, and was dating Giselle two months later? First, Tom Brady would swear revenge. But how would the press and American people react?
2) Is this going to help jump-start a renaissance for the name ‘Carla?’ We hope so, the only Carla we can recall is the smarmy waitress from Cheers.
3) How long have these two, Sarkozy and Bruni, been at it? Was this part of the rationale for the split from his wife?
4) Is there a security risk for the President of one country to be dating a foreign national from another? Sure, Europe is basically one country, but did America ever really embrace Theresa Kerry? Was it her surliness or foreign-ness?

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