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Greg Norman and Chris Evert Announce Engagement


For whatever reason, Greg Norman Dishes are among our most popular. We’re not sure if we have a big following down under (vegemite sandwiches, et al) or if people just really love/hate The Shark. At any rate, now that Greg Norman has more or less moved on from his last wife, he’s engaged himself to Chris Evert. No date has been set for the tennis champ and the golf also-ran. We’re hoping it’s soon. He seems like the kind of dude who wants to do things the right way. You know, whirlwind courtship, ‘saving it’ until the honeymoon, smooth sailing for a few years, alienation, and finishing it up with a soul-crushing, prolonged divorce. Not date has been set.

Given the nature of their competitive histories we wouldn’t be surprised to see Martina Navratilova switch teams and marry Tiger Woods just to one-up Chris Evert. Again.

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