Swingers Sue Dallas Suburb Over Sex-Party Ban

Swingers Sue Dallas Suburb Over Sex-Party Ban

The legal battle between Duncanville and The Cherry Pit is heating up. A home-based sex club in a Dallas suburb is suing the municipality. They claim that the law banning live sex-acts is unconstitutional. This is our third Dish on the suburban Dallas home sex club fiasco. Why are we covering it so much? Because it’s fascinating. People having sex with strangers in front of people they don’t know is out-of-the-ordinary. Free love and wife-swapping has largely been relegated to hippy communes and things that rich people do in big cities and later get made into largely unbelievable television dramas. The suburbs of southern cities aren’t supposed to have key parties in 2007, right? Duncanville is basing this law on something that the Phoenix did in the late 90’s to discourage similar shenanigans. Funny, we had noticed something considerably less fun about Phoenix in the last decade. We’ll keep you posted on who wins this battle, the squares or the hippies. We thought we knew all about swingers after seeing the movie Swingers. But they weren't swingers at all. The movie should have been called Swing Dance Enthusiasts And Their Friends. Jon Favreau's career is built on a stack of lies.

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