Study Explains Pregnancy's Balancing Act

Study Explains Pregnancy's Balancing Act

Wehehell. It looks awkward but evidently pregnant women know what they’re doing. We had always assumed that the lean with left hand on lower back and right hand on stomach was to show people how big the baby was or invite passerbys in for a feel. Not so much, research by anthropologists (not anthro-apologists mind you) Katherine Whiticome and Liza Shapiro show that the base of a woman’s spine has grown thicker to accommodate this lean-back (if you know it, please sing Fat Joe’s song Lean Back to yourself now) maneuver. The thickness prevents damage to the discs and is not present in dudes or primates. We’re unbelievably glad that it wasn’t a pair of guys that discovered this. It would probably have started off with a couple guys throwing back Bud tallboys, smoking cigs, eating barbeque with their shirts off, watching pregnant women exercise (you know guy stuff), when one guy would have been like, “man, how come they don’t fall over with that big ole belly?” And they would have gone out to the garage to build a model or something and prove that pregnant women have some counter-balance, strong backs, or enormous feet. And unless she’s J.Lo or Peggy Hill, options one and three are right out.

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