30 Rock's Jane Krakowski Is Dating Marc Singer


Sweet. Jenna Maroney is dating the Beastmaster? Awesome. Wait until Frank, Twofer, and Lutz hear about this. Frank’s going to be jealous, Twofer will be snide, and Lutz is going to say something unfunny. People says they met at the Children Of Men premiere but we’re guessing that it was probably at her Mystic Pizza off-Broadway debut or at a reading for the sequel to The Rural Juror. Either way this is a good move for her. We’re guessing they met and he was drawn in by her sexuality. And we’re glad that he stuck beside her when she gained all that weight and made ‘me want food’ her catchphrase. Maybe she can find someone for Liz Lemon. We’re guessing that Kevin Sorbo from Hercules is probably not too busy. This could be a good way for Tracy Jordan to get back into action flicks. His character could travel back in time and have Hercules and the Beastmaster help him stop evil alien gorillas from taking over Rome. It could be called A Yankee Fan Saves Caesar From Gorillaz With Hercules and Beastmaster.

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