Boxer Ricky Hatton's Girlfriend Quits Job To Watch Fight

Boxer Ricky Hatton's Girlfriend Quits Job To Watch Fight

From Daily Mail

Jennifer Dooley will attend Saturday's match but does not have a job to come back to Boxing ace Ricky Hatton's lecturer girlfriend has left college students devastated after quitting her job to go and watch his title fight in Las Vegas this weekend.

Jennifer Dooley, 26, handed in her resignation after bosses at Manchester College of Art and Technology would not give her time off to attend the much-anticipated match.

Champion Hatton is taking on Floyd Mayweather on Saturday in the Welterweight Championships. Both are previously unbeaten.

Tango’s Take This is exactly why famous people should not date non-celebrities. Friggin' regular jobs. Is Manchester College of Art and Technology above the sport of boxing? What if Ms. Dooley had needed time off to see her boyfriend in a play? Or a movie premiere? Hmm? Sure the ‘sweet science’ is a brutal sport, but she should be there supporting her man as he takes on Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather for the Welterweight Championship of the world. We’re guessing that she’s taken ample time off for boxing in the past and someone was drawing a line in the sand. That’s a dangerous stance to take when you’re dealing with the girlfriend of a guy nicknamed The Hitman.

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