The Politics of Love

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One presidential election. Eight frontrunners. You may know their stands on abortion, the Iraq war, and whether two men should be allowed to say “I do.” But what do you know about their romantic relationships? Barbara Kantrowitz investigates which couple is most likely to captivate American voters—and which union is best equipped to survive four years in the White House.

NOT SO LONG AGO, WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS in the White House was nobody’s business. Some of most celebrated presidents in U.S. history—Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy—enjoyed a little action on the side without having to worry about paparazzi hiding in the bushes. Read More...


Learn more about the eight front-running candidates and spouses below.

Meet The Couples

Hillary and Bill Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton Bill’s philandering was humiliation on a global scale—but there was an unexpected benefit: Hillary got the chance to fire up her own political ambition. Read More...



John and Cindy McCain
John and Cindy McCainHe was a war hero, a former prisoner in North Vietnam; she was the daughter of a wealthy beer distributor and almost 20 years his junior. They met in 1979 at a reception in Honolulu. “We both lied about our ages,” Cindy told a reporter. Read More...

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