Norman Mailer Posthumously Wins 2007 Bad Sex In Literature Prize

Norman Mailer Posthumously Wins 2007 Bad Sex In Literature Prize


From AFP

LONDON (AFP) — Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Norman Mailer, who died this month aged 84, was Tuesday declared the winner of the 2007 Bad Sex in Fiction Award for his latest work.

Mailer, a hipster poet, director, occasional film actor, and even a New York City mayoral candidate in 1969, won the 15th annual prize for his most recent book, "The Castle in the Forest", which was published this year.

Previous winners of the dubious prize, first awarded in 1993 by the Literary Review, include Booker prize-winner Salman Rushdie, A.A. Gill and Melvyn Bragg.

Tango’s Take
This is a quick update from a Dish from yesterday (click here). To catch you up to speed, the Literary Review selects the least compelling sex scene from a major piece of fiction written in the last year. Norman Mailer died rather than receiving this ignominious reward. The Review seems to think that he would have accepted in good humor. And yet we’ll never know. Maybe he would have kirked out like Tom Wolfe and accused them of not understanding that he was using some literary device beyond their 22nd grade reading levels.

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