Interview With Eric Mabius Of Ugly Betty

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Interview With Eric Mabius Of Ugly Betty

The family man is nothing like the womanizing character he plays on TV.

What do you do to feel sexy? Honestly, the clothes I get to wear [as Daniel] are pretty outstanding. That doesn’t hurt. Definitely doesn’t hurt. Between what they dress me in on the show and what I’m sent [because of what I am dressed in on the show], I have among some of the finest suits made. Ferragamo made me a tux for the Emmy’s that was just not to be believed. You know, I’m not a person who would spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe, but it’s kind of even more delicious to wear it without spending the kind of money that some people do. It’s hard not to feel a little sexy wearing some of that stuff.
Are there any similarities between you and your Ugly Betty character, Daniel? Not many similarities at all, really. I don’t often have to juggle who I’m sleeping with on a night to night basis, you know. I’d like to think that Daniel has depth, but he hasn’t been given the tools to get through life and is making them up as he goes along. I’m definitely making things up as I go along, too, but I think my parents raised me right.

Does Ivy watch the show? Max goes to sleep around 7:30 and she’s asleep pretty soon after that, so she’s maybe seen half of my episodes. It’s not that she doesn’t want to [see them all]. It’s about priorities and obviously being a parent. If I had to be up as often as she did with the baby, I would be the same way.

How do you keep the spark alive? It’s kind of easy in that she’s her own boss—she does a lot of interior design and paints—so wherever I happen to go, she gets to come with me. I don’t know how other people do it when they do long distance. It’s like we’re always on a honeymoon. There’s nothing special that we have to do to keep the spark alive. On the hiatus, all we do is travel through Europe to promote the show, and Ivy and our little boy come with me. It’s a pretty enchanted life. You’d have to really work at being miserable with the good things that are going on in my life.

Have you ever built anything for Ivy? Not as much on this new home project. [Our last home] was a Spanish adobe-style home, and we had a lot of Moroccan accents. I built shutters for the home out in the yard. I learned how to build retaining walls. Built a really cool fountain right into the front courtyard entrance of the house. I would read about things and then look at the diagram, draw it out, and wade right into it. The best thing I learned was how to cover up my mistakes. It was so much fun


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