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The Office’s Angela Is Expecting… A Child


Angela Kinsey

From US Weekly

Time to throw a baby shower at The Office: Angela Kinsey is expecting!

“She and her husband are very excited,” the 36-year-old’s rep confirms to

The actress is due in May.

Kinsey, who plays uptight Angela Martin on the NBC show, and her husband, TV writer Warren Lieberstein, don’t know the sex yet.

Tango’s Take
The Shrute line will possibly continue. Dwight is going to be pretty smug if the child is a man-child. Does the world really need another general of Shrutes? Wouldn’t it be OK if the line were to end with Dwight and his cousin Mose? Wait. Angela is the character’s name and the actress’s name? We thought that treatment was reserved for big stars (Jerry Seinfeld) and actors who may forget their character’s name (Tracy Morgan). Well, Angela Kinsey, best of luck with the new addition. We wonder how, when the writers return, they're going to work this into next season.

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