Website Pits Two Men Against Each Other For Your Affection

Website Pits Two Men Against Each Other For Your Affection


The website sets two dudes, sets buddies Zach and Tanner up to be married to one lucky lady. A set of prospective brides submit photos and videos explaining why they deserve to get hitched to Tanner or Zach. The world at large votes on which bride is most deserving. The winning bride is chosen on the 500,000th aggregate vote. She picks between these two dinguses and gets a $50,000 check for her troubles. We’re willing to bet that these marriages have a MUCH better chance of lasting than The Bachelor. Good idea gang, make that 50 grand last, though. It would be a shame to blow it all on the wedding and honeymoon, because you deserve more for you’re 15 minutes of fame. We're pretty sure that every pair of college roommates have had this idea but struggled with finding 50 grand and pictures that didn't include keg stands or bongs.

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