Jamie Oliver's Recipe for Love

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Jamie Oliver's Recipe for Love
Infamous “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver spills his recipe for love.

It melts my heart when she:
Takes care of our kids.

My favorite romantic song is:
Anything old school, like Tom Jones.


My favorite room in the house is:
My library at our house in the country. It has all of my favorite books and is just a great place to chill.

The best relationship advice I’ve ever received:
Jools is always right.

My secret to a happy marriage:
Jools is always right. (Watch Tango's "You Know You're Married When..." video now!)

What’s your favorite food?
Come on, I’m a chef. I don’t have a favorite food. I like it all!

And Jools?
She’s particularly fond of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

What’s your recipe for seduction?
I’m not smooth like those ‘Hey baby, let me cook for you’ Casanovas. But in the beginning of our relationship, Jools couldn’t really cook (she can now), and I worked nights, so I would leave her little foil dinner packets with all of the ingredients ready to pop in the oven. That way I could make sure she ate well when I wasn’t around.

That’s sweet! So, what’s the best meal for a couple to cook together?
You don’t want it to take too long ’cause you want to get to the eating and enjoying. Risotto is damn simple and takes only 20 minutes to make—it’s also perfect for a dinner party. While it’s slowly simmering, you only need to give it a quick stir every couple of minutes. Besides, it can be sexy standing together at the stove.

What’s that sinful recipe you prepared for us?
This recipe (below) is on the menu at Fifteen Trattoria [Oliver’s restaurant in London]— I don’t know of many Italian trattorias that offer American cheesecake. But I’m glad Fifteen does because it’s absolutely delicious.

Want seconds? Check out Oliver’s book, Cook with Jamie, published by Hyperion Books.

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