Jamie Oliver's Recipe for Love


Infamous “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver spills his recipe for love.

Love is:
a) blind
b) all you need
c) a battlefield
d) all of the above

Biggest difference between men and women?
I know there’s a difference in cooking [styles]. I like to cook like the Italian mums—comforting bowls of pasta— instead of show-off chef cuisine, which is typically more of a male thing.

Flowers or candy?
Always flowers…if they’re from my garden. Otherwise, a good bag of Maltesers [think: British Whoppers] always does the trick.

On my first date with my wife, Jools, we:
Hard to say, since we met in high school. I think we tried to grab a pint at the local [pub] but got kicked out because we were too young!

Our best vacation was:
Our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast.

Best compliment she’s ever paid me:
That I’m an excellent dad.

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