Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Keep Identical Bedrooms For Daughter


From Fametastic

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams may have split up but they’re trying to make their separation as easy as possible for their two year old daughter Matilda.

According to the New York Post, Heath is having a bedroom in his new SoHo apartment decorated so that it looks exactly the same as Matilda’s nursery at the family home in Brooklyn where Michelle still lives.

Tango’s Take
Wait. They’re creating identical bedrooms to prevent confusion? We’re sure that this is a stretch, but has anyone seen the show The Prisoner? It was in the late 60’s and very bizarre (check out the IMDB page here). The wardens on The Prisoner played weird mind games with its eponymous character. Including changing the Number 2 interrogator regularly. It’s only a matter of time before Michelle and Heath start dating people that look identical to each other. Maybe could they could dress like each other and really confuse young Matilda.

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