New York Subway Crush Update

New York Subway Crush Update


From Gawker

This is a continuation from a Dish yesterday (Click Here). Essentially, a dude launched an online campaign to find a girl that he saw on the subway and ‘shared a moment with.’ Is sharing a moment with someone even possible outside of a music video? Anyway, Gawker’s reporting that the young woman was identified. Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet had some photos or something of an Aussie immigrant that is The Girl. Evidently, her home just burned down and she’s an intern. But this joker with the crude sketch of her will surely take all of those problems away. It’s a little like a Pretty Woman meets every cliché ever. We genuinely hope that it works out. Something like that is probably going to be the punchline to the show How I Met Your Mother. Friggin’ writer’s strike.

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