Is He Boyfriend Material?


Is He Boyfriend Material?
All men are inherently date-able, you just need a little patience.

And no one ever explained that… well, one night, after we had only been dating a few months, she chose to introduce me to some of her closest musical-theater pals. As it came her turn at the piano, and my new girlfriend launched into a passionate rendition of a Broadway tune she believed summed up not only her feelings for me, but her boundless optimism about our future, I was… I was in the kitchen, actually, wiping off some salsa I'd accidentally dripped onto my sneaker. That evening, we shared a cold, silent subway ride home, and I learned you never, ever leave the room while she's serenading you.

These transgressions weren't forgiven easily, but they were forgiven eventually, because my gorgeous, infinitely tolerant girlfriend gets it: My mistakes aren't made out of malice, but simple ignorance. If she can learn not to drop me like a rock when I screw up, but give me the benefit of the doubt, our fights will soon be replaced by more blissful, unexpected moments when she leans over to say, with a sigh, "I can't believe I'm your first serious girlfriend." How To Train Your Man

And though I'll never totally live down the fact that I'm the rookie in our pairing, I find myself wanting to improve at this as I watch first, second, and third anniversaries pass. Armed with this knowledge, you'll discover any guy—whether he has 19 exes or none—is potential boyfriend material. Deep inside, we're just like those forlorn dogs in pet stores, waiting to unleash our love in surprising, and at times, unpredictable ways. And we'll learn. Just be patient when you first take us home.

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