Enough Is Enough!


(Re)Inspire Yourself

A lot of us wait for "that special someone" to make us happy. When we're fortunate enough to meet someone who opens our heart, we may inadvertently give our power away by confusing the feeling of happiness with the object of our happiness. The longer we're in a partnership, the more we may rely on our partner for our happiness and wind up losing our skills at creating our own joy. Forgetting how to make ourselves happy not only will dull even a once-vibrant relationship; it also makes a breakup harder because we mistakenly believe that our source of happiness is gone. It's not! Inspiration cannot be bestowed upon us by others, not even by Mr. Right, which means that no one can take away our inspiration either. Ultimately, it is our responsibility (responsibility = ability to respond) to listen to our spirit, the source of our inspiration and happiness. Even if you aren't happy about a breakup, you can re-inspire yourself. What did you like doing before you met your last partner? What interests did you develop during the relationship? What environments-physical, intellectual, emotional-buoy your spirits generally? If you like island breezes, then maybe it's time to plan that trip to the Bahamas. If you like the challenge of climbing snow-covered peaks, find ecstasy in riding your bike through tulip fields, or feel most alive strapping on a snowboard, don't deprive yourself. If sharing your time or resources as a volunteer does your heart a world of good, don't just do it; do it now! Remember that every day, single or partnered, grieving or celebrating, alone or not, we have the right to choose an extraordinary life for ourselves. All that is required is our willingness.

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