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After the Breakup: Jane Straus talks about 5 Ways to Kick Start Your Extraordinary Life


1. Have a pity party.

When you lose a relationship, you have a right to grieve. Unpopular as grieving is, it is necessary to experience. The more you beat yourself up about grieving, the slower the healing process. Practice compassion for yourself. You have lost something. You may feel like there's a gigantic hole where your heart used to be. These feelings are hard enough without shaming yourself for them. So have a party-a pity party. Invite your closest, most trusted friends. Give them these ground rules:

  • They are to allow you one hour to whine, cry, complain, berate your ex, make fun of him, call him names, talk about why it would never have worked anyway, why it was the best/most perfect relationship you'll ever have. Your friends are there to support you getting it all off your chest.
  • They listen only; they do not participate in the berating, namecalling, etc. Why? Because you may end up feeling embarrassed or angry with them for having never said the truth to you before. And what happens if you get back with the guy? You'll have to exclude your closest friends, knowing what they really think.
  • After the hour is up, your friends tell you one by one all the great things about you that they love, admire, and even envy. One person acts as scribe, writing it all down for you. Keep this list close by!
  • After you have been replenished with reminders that who you are has nothing to do with who you just broke up with, you ceremoniously burn a picture (or all pictures if you're ready) of your ex while all your friends watch.
  • As the photo's edges singe and it curls up into eventual nothingness, say the affirmation, "I release that relationship for my own good. Someone better awaits me when I'm ready." Your friends say "Amen," or "Right on," or "So be it," depending on your style.

2. Recognize that rejection is a myth.

Most of us have experienced feeling rejected. If we haven't, we've been way too protective of our hearts. But really, can anyone reject you without your permission? Think about this: If you believe you're smart and someone calls you "stupid," what happens to you?

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