Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?


Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?
How much grooming does a male require? "Manscaping" and more explored.

David Beckham’s doing it. So are porn stars.
After the trend-setting soccer star boasted about his “back, crack, sack” wax, some guys warmed to the idea of going bare. And according to Esposito, the rise of smut is also partly responsible for encouraging men to clean up their acts: There’s now pressure, he says, for men to hold themselves to the unrealistically tidy standards the industry has heretofore demanded of women. Which brings us to…

It’s payback time.
Women have endured all sorts of torture in the name of beauty, from the risk of crimping your lashes (or worse) with an eyelash curler to the agony of Brazilian waxes. In The Reluctant Metrosexual: Dispatches from an Almost Hip Life, author Peter Hyman recounts his own experience of getting a Brazilian: “I did it because I felt it was unfair for men to expect women to be perfectly groomed without at least some appreciation for what they go through,” he says. Thank you, Hyman, for taking one for the team. Esposito goes one better: “It’s not payback,” he says. “Back and chest grooming is all vanity. Grooming below the waist is just a nice thing to do for your partner.”

YourTango’s Take: Agreed. But, unlike putting the seat down, being nice to your mother, and knowing “no, you don’t look fat” is always the right answer, manscaping below the chin is optional, not something a man should be forced into. That said, we’re not above gentle cajoling. Then, with any luck, you’ll see the monkey-see, monkey-get-his-back-waxed-too effect kick in: After all, “The majority of men come in because they choose to,” says Sosikian, and Esposito concurs: “Guys realize it’s not that bad. Then they start coming in on their own.” Both agree they see an equal mix of single and taken men, which means body grooming is fair game for any male body, bachelor or betrothed. Know someone who missed the memo?

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