Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?


Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?
How much grooming does a male require? "Manscaping" and more explored.

Survival of the trimmed-est.
Men have become more objectified through the media and advertising, and that has raised both self-awareness and competitiveness among [them],” says Michael Flocker, author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style: A Handbook for the Modern Man. “The result is that people stay single longer and are more selective in choosing their mates, so for better or worse, you have to work a little harder to stand out.”
YourTango Tip: According to Philips Norelco, 50 percent of men aged 20 to 49 body groom—try asking your partner if he really wants to be the only guy on the beach wearing a “sweater” this summer.

He can get drunk while getting shorn.
We admit, it’s got to be intimidating for a guy to walk into a salon full of women, and say, “One back wax, please.” Enter the full-service men’s salon. Vic Sosikian, founder of Mark Matthew Fine Gentlemen’s Grooming Club in Los Angeles, which opened last year, describes his establishment as a “cross between a barber shop, salon, and day spa for men.” Leather arm chairs, flat panel TVs, and free alcohol create a discreet, masculine environment—not even a guy who says “I don’t do salons” can argue with this.

It doesn’t have to hurt.
Let’s not beat around the bush: As women well know, waxing smarts, and it’s not the only way to tame his tufts. “Men have been asking for an alternative to waxing,” says Sosikian. “They don’t mind [having] the hair, but they want to trim it down.” The pain-free solution? Special razors, like the Philips Norelco BodyGroom, designed for manscaping. With features like a hypo-allergenic shaving foil instead of a rotary head, it allows men to trim hair at different lengths in the privacy of their homes. But regular maintenance is required: “The problem with trimming is that it’s going to come back quickly, just like with shaving,” Esposito warns. “You’ll have to trim at least once a week.”