When will I find love?


Your remedy for all of this is to find your voice, speak your truth—even if it’s a bitter pill for you and your audience to swallow—because the truth will free you from more negative and entangling alliances with distortion and deception.

Your Venus, ruler of love and money, is in the cold and remote and ice-maiden sign of Capricorn. With the Moon in Aquarius in good aspect to Jupiter in Gemini, you can speak and move people with your mind and ideas but that is not how love springs eternal or for as long as it can. Love happens when one is vulnerable to being hurt by reaching (“Should one’s reach exceed her grasp or what’s a heaven for?”—Robert Browning), and stretching and morphing and spinning the more attractive qualities into a hope chest.


To tell the truth, I think that you have a brilliant chart and one that says that love will come to you after forty. Are we after 40-years old? Gotcha! With your progressed Moon (as we age, planets move) in Leo I think there is a strong possibility that you will meet someone who is a bit younger and who acts and thinks older—perhaps a Taurus—next summer (progressed Moon hitting Saturn, oftentimes the planet that is connected to marriage and responsibility). Keep it real and continue to look at what needs to change in you and you will be ready when the gentleman caller knocks at the door of your heart. Sweet dreams and patience with yourself as you change you to include him.

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