When will I find love?


This month’s question comes from a damsel in distress:

“When will I find love?”
-Waiting for Love, NJ


Natal astrology chart for In The Dark
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The best way I know to answer your question is to hit you where you live. Here goes: Act I, scene I: the little princess is born in a palace surrounded by servants at her beck and call. Act I, scene 2: She has to begin to play with the scullery maids’ children and learns there is poverty and lack in the world. Alas. Act I, scene 3: The beautiful over-protected maiden leaves her comfort zone and finds that there is a world for which she is unprepared. You may or may not be a princess born in a palace to rich parents but you definitely have lived in your own storybook fantasy world.

Okay, so I am being a bit dramatic and fairy tale-like, but, perhaps, a bit as you are: living in a dream world but having to put up with and field your way around the other eleven signs of the Zodiac. Quelle dommage.

What I have to say to you is written with love and affection with just the slightest whiff of Aqua di Parma to lilt my prose. First off, we always need to look at the whole chart to see how things fit together or don’t. In your birth chart, you have four planets in Pisces with the ruler Neptune in Scorpio: other-worldly, ethereal, unrealistic with secrecy throw in. All of this says that you are very emotional, an Emmy-winning drama queen steeped in an overload of Fantasia. Your tendency to being passive or passive aggressive may be couched in loveliness and light with little room for saying how you feel, unless it is to someone who usually agrees with you.

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