One Last Fling Before Wearing His Ring?


One Last Fling Before Wearing His Ring?
Should she date other people before marrying her high school boyfriend? Cathi and Dan offer advice.

His Take: On the one hand, yes, you might wish you’d played the field before settling down. On the other hand, if you are truly still "crazy" about your boyfriend after being together for so many years—a stretch where many couples go through dramatic and even relationship-ending changes— then maybe he is indeed the one for you. Besides, what can you do about your lack of experience now? Take a year off to date other people? True, doing so could be fun (or horrifying), and may confirm that you belong with him (or with someone else). But in so doing, you risk losing the best thing you ever had. Not everyone is a comparison shopper who needs to consult 20 issues of Consumer Reports before making a decision that feels right. Some people—it's true!—actually know what they want from the get-go. Maybe you're one of them

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