One Love, Two Cultures: Making It Work


One Love, Two Cultures: Making It Work
Cross-cultural love is easy to start but harder to maintain.

“He grew up in a communist country, where you stashed all your money in a drawer. I remember thinking, I can’t believe I’m going out with someone who doesn’t have a bank account.”

International romance is often accompanied by unavoidable complications, but the scenario is not without its perks. Marrying someone from another country has not only made me more openminded, but has also given me incredible insight into my own beliefs and ideals.

This is all part of the payoff for globe-trotting couples, Romano says. An international relationship gives both parties “an opportunity to increase self-knowledge by being forced to examine and defi ne your own values, ideas, and prejudices. Add to that the variation and vitality of blending two cultures, having an international identity, and bringing up children who are ready for the new global world.”

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