Naked Truth

By YourTango

I truly know how crazy this all is.  I don’t want to be a part of it (and I certainly don’t want my daughter to be!).  So I’m working on it.  Part of the way I force it down (NOT a diet pill, the tough pill from above) is to (still) walk around naked in front of Steve.  I do it with resolve and on some evenings, with gusto (in my mind, not physically – I try to keep the body gusto to a minimum…flying parts and all, you know).

Steve loves this.  He absolutely, 100% does not see what I see when I look in the mirror.  He just sees a naked woman standing in front of him.  One who he happens to be in love with.  In his eyes, it doesn’t get much better than this.  He let’s me know this (in fact, when he read through this, he asked me to add “beautiful, hot, sexy, gorgeous” to modify “naked woman” in the sentence above.  What a man.).  He knows how important it is for me to hear it.  His generous words encourage me to keep taking it all off.  He knows this, too.


If your husband doesn’t compliment your body (clothed or not!), how about letting him know how important it is to you?  And don’t give me that old, standard, bullshit about if you have to tell him what to say, it doesn’t mean anything.  That’s a whiney crock.  He can’t read your mind, and he’s not a woman so he doesn’t instinctively/emotionally/empirically know these things.  Tell Him!

Aside:  And remember, guys love compliments, too.  You can show him what you’d like by “doing unto him.”  That actually would work in a lot of instances, now wouldn’t it? (!)

Tonight (after you Tell Him), instead of turning out the lights, or wearing just the right teddy that fully covers this or that flaw, or staying under the covers, or surrounding yourself with pillows (although I must say that if I do find myself unexpectedly in a position where things are hanging straight down, I seize any blanket/pillow within reach and shove it between me and the pull of gravity!), instead, just be naked.  Shyly strip away your clothes or wildly toss them over your shoulder; bare your body to your lover, and allow him to glorify in it.  Just maybe you’ll too see the beauty that is (still) there.

Good Luck!

This concludes another view from my married life.

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