More Celebrity Bites: Santana Divorced, Joel Madden’s Feelings On Fatherhood, and Ashley Olson with Lance Armstrong?


Rocker Carlos Santana is reportedly getting divorced from his wife Deborah. According to Reuters, she is the one doing the divorcing. No comment was given on why these guys are splitting. In past interviews, he has been very complementary of her. OK then.

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According to People, Joel Madden claims that he will be the “Dad of the Year.” Somewhere Michael Lohan and Joe Simpson have stopped wrestling each other and have decided to collaborate, ‘for the greater good.’ This is after Paris Hilton claimed that Nicole Ritchie would be the “Best Mom Ever.” In that case, this little baby is in pretty good hands.

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In the WTF moment of the week: Lance Armstrong has been romantically linked to Ashley Olson. The NY Post’s Page Six is reporting that the former bicyclist and the former child star drank and made-out a bit on Monday evening. And again on Tuesday. We’ve been hearing about this all week and just couldn’t believe it. 50% of Michelle Tanner is dating Big Tex Armstrong. We can’t even make any good jokes here. Shouldn’t she be having her first period right around now? Shouldn’t he be taking a random drug test? Where is his BFF Matthew McConaughey during this? If he’s dating Mary-Kate, we foresee Earth careening into the Sun any day now.

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