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Europeans Begin To Invest In Japanese ‘Love Hotels’


From Reuters By Eriko Amaha

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's secretive love hotels are opening up to European investors as one player in the sector prepares for a debut on London's stock market this month.

Japan Leisure Hotels, which owns five love hotels worth some 21 million pounds ($43.68 million) in Japan, hopes to lure investors to its IPO with an 8 percent dividend and promises of fast growth -- shedding light on a sector that is often associated with sleaze and organized crime.

Tango’s Take We ran a Dish on August 31, 2007 about Japanese ‘Love Hotels.’  The essence of that article was that they’re not just for boning it any more. Japanese are using them as confessional booths / therapy. Isn’t that what everyone says about prostitutes? “No, no, I just pay them to listen, man. You know, really listen. No one, mmm, listens anymore. And then let me do coke off their hip bone.” Love Hotels are probably a pretty good investment. There are a few industries, such as the narcotics trade, prostitution, gambling, weapons manufacturing, that have been good investments as long humans have been around.

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