Calling in “the One”


Author Catherine Specter tests the self-help love lessons of The One.

If you wish hard enough, will your dream lover appear out of thin air? Author and romantic Catherine Specter road tests the latest man-hunting trend.

cito1.jpgBefore The Secret, there was “the One.” To be exact, there was a self-help bestseller titled Calling in “the One”: 7 Weeks To Attract the Love of Your Life.


Seven weeks? I was dubious—but intrigued. I had never before read this type of book; never gone “new age” enough to actually purchase one. But I read my horoscope, I like sending out good vibes, and I’m all about the Golden Rule. I saw no compelling reason why my one true love shouldn’t be summoned like the book promised. Like so many single, hopeful romantics out there, I thought, “I’ve waited long enough.”

Calling in “the One,”(hereafter known as CITO) is a 49-day book/course to finding true love, based upon the über popular Law Of Attraction. Published two years before The Secret swept the nation, is has a similar thesis: To get what you want, just think really hard about it and poof, the universe manifests it. Author and psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas says, CITO “is not necessarily informational in nature, it’s transformational.” She also warns that there will be rough spots, mostly due to dredging up your past wounds in order to get over them, and she equates the CITO process with cleaning out your closet—after all, there isn’t room for new stuff until you toss out the old.