New Madonna Book Alleges She Wanted Tupac's Baby



Late rapper Tupac Shakur almost had a child with pop superstar Madonna, according to a new book. Madonna: Like an Icon, written by Lucy O'Brien, claims the music hitmaker considered starting a family with the slain rap star during a brief fling in the 90s.

O'Brien, who spoke to a handful of Madonna's alleged pals while writing the tome, says the star "desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men," reports New York Daily News.

Tango’s Take

Waah? We didn’t even know that they knew each other? How crazy would that have been? We’re pretty sure that Sean Penn only works so hard because he wants to prove how much better he is than that Guy Ritchie guy. You know Guy Ritchie, the dude that made movies that guys like; until he made that crappy vanity flick that Madonna starred in and basically submarined his career? Sean Penn’s probably way cooler and possibly more talented than Guy Ritchie, but Tupac? No one was cooler than Tupac in the 90’s. He started as a dancer for Digital Underground, he was great in Juice, and he’s still coming out with albums. And he would have been a much better choice than Jose Canseco or Dennis Rodman, both whom Madonna spent time with in the 90’s.

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