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Tango’s Fall Issue: All New, All About You!

Tango’s Fall Issue: All New, All About You!

Tango Fall Issue Slip into something sexy and luxurious this fall—like the latest issue of Tango, which has a whole new look and stories guaranteed to keep you curled up and eagerly flipping pages, whether you’re single, dating or happily hitched. There’s our exclusive Q&A with Maria Bello—star of The Jane Austen Book Club, who tells us her views on love, marriage and what it means to be a “spinster.” Hint: she thinks we need a whole new word to define single women! We do, too.

But we digress. Below, other sneak previews you can read on

When two spiritual paths collide, can love still survive? Interfaith couples divulge their secrets to a successful dual-faith relationship in “Finding Our Religion.”

Just in time for your next getaway, we spill the latest romantic travel trends—including three new reasons to take a vacation. Are you in need of a Mini ‘moon?

Could you be a financial adulteress? You may be cheating and not even know it. Decode the little white money lies men and women tell in “Financial Infidelity.”

Discover the difference between “girl hot” and guy hot” in our fashion feature, “Dress Code,” Which gender do you dress to impress?

Plus, there’s much more in the fall issue of Tango, on newsstands Oct 2. Get it at a Barnes & Noble near you—or Subscribe to Tango Here!


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