Dress Your Way to Better Sex


dress your way to better sex
Green reassures and red radiates. What does your color say about you?

The bottom line: Trying to attract attention in a new city? Slip into a flame-colored skirt or fitted red shirt and radiate self-assurance and energy. The vibrant color will win you glances as you walk into a room, which will further boost your confidence. Many men associate red with the prototypical sexy vixen, focusing on the color like a bull focuses on the matador’s cape.

Not your color? Try darker hues, like burgundy, or keep the color away from your face by wearing a scoop-neck shirt or strapless gown. If you find the color too aggressive for clothing, opt for a pair of red heels.



Yellow DressConventional wisdom: Carefree, optimistic yellow abounds in the hot, humid tropics, from juicy pineapples and banana bunches to sprays of bold yellow flowers on mimosa trees.

Science says: The human visual system is built to process yellow the best, according to Margaret Miele, assistant professor of color psychology at Fashion Institute of Technology. Yellow pops in our vision—just ask the logo designers for Sprint and Subway.

The bottom line: You and your man have been glued to the sofa since picking up the recent season of Entourage on DVD, and you’re feeling the need to motivate. So put on a bright jacket and get going: Yellow suggests movement, according to Margaret Walch, director of consulting company Color Association and author of Living Colors: The Definite Guide to Color Palettes Through the Ages. But yellow can also foster anxiety, especially when paired with black to evoke danger-zone caution tape.

Not your color? Try on a warm gold or pale lemon shade. Orange is also motivating.


Conventional wisdom: Favored by tree-huggers and environmentally friendly marketing campaigns, green represents nature.

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